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Step 1 – About the Tattoo Paper [Video :50]

Tattoo paper is 2-step. There’s what we call an “A” sheet, which is what you print onto. That box is labeled with “Non-Print Side” – when you open the box on the side that label is on, the side facing you is NOT to be printed on. You’ll need to flip it over to load it into the printer. Non-Print Side face down!

The “B” sheet – or adhesive sheet in the other box has a similar non-adhesive side label for the same reason. Rip off the top sheet ahead of time to make it easier.  


Step 2 – Preparing in Print Optimizer [Video 1:34]


The video instructions do not cover setting up the files in Print Optimizer. Please download the Job Aid for those instructions.

Step 3 – Marry the Transfers[Video 1:48]

Put the adhesive sheet under the image that you printed and heat press with Medium Pressure  at 265F for 40 Seconds. [PLEASE CHECK YOUR BOX FOR CURRENT INSTRUCTIONS]  

This is a HOT peel, so peel off the B sheet as soon as you open up the heat press. But be careful – it’s very hot!

Step 4 – Applying the Tattoo [Video 2:42]

Clean the skin with an alcohol wipe for best adhesion. 

Place the tattoo image side down against the skin. Wet a paper towel with warm to hot water and apply pressure for approximately 1 minute. 

Then gently peel off the tattoo paper and you’re done!


Materials List


Temporary Tattoo Paper

Fusion IQ Heat Press

DigitalHeat FX Finishing Sheets


Hot Water


Alcohol Prep Pads 

Moisturizer (optional) 

Pro Tip:

Hannah R.

The lotion makes a BIG difference on how long that tattoo will last! 

Stephen C.

You might find at when the Tattoo Paper arrives or has been unused for a while, that the B sheet could stick to each other.  This is normal and will only require to separate before use