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What you will need [Video :15]

Please see the Material list for specifics and links to the products we used in this video. 

Step 1 – Print Your design [Video :45]

Use Print Optimizer standard instructions for printing your design

Step 2 – Marry the Sheets [Video :53]

Follow instructions EZ Peel Two Step Transfer Paper. Currently those are to press at 320F for 75 seconds at medium pressure, but always consult the instructions that came in the box for updates!

The marry step always takes place on the traditional flat heat press.

Step 3 – Loading the heat press  [Video 1:31]

Place the teflon pillow onto the cap press as shown. The pillow ensures that the curved interior of the cap is supported so there are no wrinkles AND there is consistent pressure during pressing.

Fit the cap over the teflon pillow and pull the lever that tightens the cap onto the press. It’s on the right side of the press. 

Step 4 – Heat Press [Video 2:00]

Center the transfer on the cap making sure you leave room above the brim. Then use the heat tape to keep the transfer in place for pressing. 

Cover the design and cap with the flexible finishing sheet to avoid scorching the cap itself. Then press for :45 at 320F. 

Keep in mind that time and temperature vary according to materials and the paper itself so check current instructions, but also be prepared to do your own testing on new blanks!

Step 5 – Cool and Peel [2:42]

Remove the cap from the press, let it cool completely, then do a quick peel. 

Step 6 – Finishing Step [2:51]

Repeat the previous step in order to set the transfer and remove the glossy finish. 

Pro Tip:

Jeslyn Santiago

Make sure you place the transfer far enough above the brim that the heat press can get an even press on the cap.

Darla Grimes

Make sure you use the time and temperature instructions that match the material the caps are made of.