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Step 1 – Adjust Toner Coverage in Print Optimizer [Video :27]

For the mugs we’re using, we set the coverage percentage at 225%. But that WILL change depending on the mug and color of the mug you’re using. Testing is important!

Step 2 – Apply Transfer to Mug [Video 1:09]

Using heat tape, adhere your transfer to the mug. Make sure you are following the current “coated mug” instructions in the box of your hard surface paper.

Double check to make sure there are NO gaps and the transfer is completely flat against the mug.  

Step 3 – Heat Press the Transfer onto the Mug [Video 1:48]

The current recommendation on those specific mugs is to heat press at 265F for 3 Minutes. Set the time and temperature on the D3 Mug Press and wait for it to rise to the correct temperature. 

Step 4 – Let the mugs COOL

These mugs are made to retain heat, so be careful when handling after press. Let them cool before peeling. 

Step 5 – Peel the Transfer  [Video 2:36]

Make sure that you roll the transfer off the mug. There’s less chance of pulling the design away.  

Clean off the excess glue/polymer on the mugs using the DigitalHeat FX Hard Surface Cleaner

Final Step [Video 3:13]

Place mugs in your oven for 1:30 at 375F

Pro Tip:

Hannah R.

I like to put the mugs in the freezer to cool. They’re ready to peel faster that way! 

Stephen C.

Once the mugs have been removed from the oven, allow 24 to 48hrs for the transfer to cure to the surface before scratch testing, washings, and over handling of the image areas 

Wash by hand ONLY! Your designs will last longer