Remember – these instructions ONLY apply to white or light colored polyester shirts. And as always, settings will change depending on environmental factors and changes in supply. Always TEST for yourself. 

Pretreating 100% Polyester [Video :56]

Using standard G4 Light Garment Pretreat.

Because the weave on this shirt is actually more open than our typical cotton, we’ll be putting on MORE pretreat than usual. 

Set your PTM automatic pretreat machine to between 45 and 50.

 Pretreating and Pressing [Video 1:44]

Follow standard instruction for curing after pretreat. Currently that is for :45 at 345 degrees. Please check any current instructions.

Loading the Shirt  [Video 1:56] 

When loading, make sure you THREAD the shirt onto the vacuum platen. 

That means that only the target side of the shirt is on the platen. If you load normally, without threading, the ink will be drawn down to the BACK of the shirt as well. 

Cure Instructions [Video 3:10] 

Thread the shirt onto the heat press just like you did on the vacuum platen. Only 1 layer of fabric should be on the press itself. 

Cure normally – use parchment sheet. 345 degrees for :45 seconds 

Pro Tip:

Don Copeland

Make SURE you thread the polyester shirt on the print and cure!