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Printing on Hoodies


Remember – settings will change depending on environmental factors and changes in supply. Always TEST for yourself. 

 Setting up the PTM for Pretreating a Pocket Hoodie [Video :48]

Only pretreat the area the you’ll be printing – not the pocket. Using the PTM Automatic Pretreat Machine, use the knob on top to shorten the distance the sprayer will travel. That way the nozzle will stop before it reaches the pocket.

We recommend putting down more pretreat than you normally would – so set the dial on the front of the machine to 20 to regulate that amount.

 Pretreating and Pressing [Video :48]

Take your time loading the hoodie onto the PTM platen. Make sure the the sleeves and hood don’t interfere with the drawer and that the pocket is located AFTER the pretreat sprayer stops.  

Follow standard instruction for curing after pretreat. Currently that is for :45 at 345 degrees. Please check any current instructions.

Printing the Hoodie [Video 3:05] 

For this sweatshirt we used the Youth Platen for the G4. That way, the target print area is elevated past the pocket. 

When loading, make sure that the hoodie seam is before the crease in the perforated platen screen. And that the pocket is also positioned after the other crease in the screen so that the print target area is the only part elevated. 

Tuck the excess material under the vacuum platen then print normally.

Cure Normally [Video 5:30] 

Use parchment sheet. 345 degrees for :45 seconds

Materials List

DTG G4 Dark Garment PretreatParchment Paper 16″ x 24″ DTG G4 Inks 

Pro Tip:

Don Copeland

Make sure you match the G4 platen you use with the size of the print area. And that only the print area is the highest point.

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