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DTF-24H4 | Cleaning the Capping Station

Cleaning the Capping Station

Step 1:  Lower the capping station down away from the print head either by pressing the left button on the control panel or, if your machine is already powered off, by rotating the knob behind the bottom access panel and at the base of the capping station counterclockwise.

Step 2: Make sure the Printer is OFF

Step 3: Move the print head to the left to reveal the cap tops and wiper blades on the capping station.

Step 4: Wet the cleaning cloth with the cleaning solution and wipe around the edges of the capping station, revealing the black gasket underneath while removing any ink or debris. Keep the cleaning cloth moist.  Complete for each of the print heads. There is no need to wipe the center of the cap tops – only the edges.

[Use only the recommended polyester knit wipes and the recommended CS Cleaning solution]

Step 5: Clean the wiper blades using the same cleaning materials. When cleaning the wiper blades, make sure to not pull up on them and cause twisting of the blades. If the blades are no longer straight, simply straighten it out by pulling outward on the blades. Pulling up on the wiper blades can change the wiper height and have a negative impact on automatic head cleans.

Step 6: Clean the ink drain or “track” that runs along the interior of the wiper blades and along the side closest to you.

Step 7: Reveal the perforated black metal vacuum platform to left of the print head area and clean using common, preferable dust free materials like a Magic Eraser.  Video: 6:59