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We’ve developed ColDesi’s self-paced training courses using our experience, the latest in instructional design science and the best in online learning management systems to give you the chance to start making products and making money FAST. 

You can learn more in a few hours of our Courses than you can in days or weeks of trial and error, OR in searching for information on YouTube.

You can potentially save more in wasted supplies, wasted shirts and wasted time than you’ll ever spend on one of our Courses.

Each Course is absolutely worth the price. If you got one of these courses as part of your equipment or software purchase congratulations! If you did not then purchase below – but either way, get your business started FAST and the right way with ColDesi Training. 

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Digital HeatFX System

Digital HeatFX System Course includes training on the OKI8432WT, Print Optimizer Software and Laser EZ Peel Paper

Print Optimizer Software

This training is only for the Print Optimizer Software for the Digital HeatFX System

Compress UV Printers

Day 1 Training for the Compress iUV600s includes un-boxing, setup and preparation for your live training

CutNPress + Graphtec Cutter

CutNPress No Stress Training
From un-boxing to your first shirts in just under ONE hour!

BrushNBake Piece of Cake

BrushNBake Rhinestone Template System + Graphtec CE Series cutter training.

Sierra StitchEra Liberty v17 Training

Learn ColDesi's top selling digitizing software! This course will take you from Opening Screen to Creating Fonts

Sierra Hotfix Era v17 Training

Learn Hotfix Era! This application is by far the best rhinestone and spangle design creation software on the market.