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NOTE: Application Instructions are the same for 8432 and 9541 EZ Peel Papers

What you will need [Video :22]

Please see the Material list for specifics and links to the products we used in this video. 

Step 1 – Print Your design [Video :45]

Use Print Optimizer standard instructions for printing your design

Step 2 – Marry the Sheets [Video :43]

This video does not contain standard printing and marrying instructions for EZ Peel 2 step paper.

Follow instructions EZ Peel Two Step Transfer Paper. Currently those are to press at 320F for 75 seconds at medium pressure, but always consult the instructions that came in the box for updates!

The marry step always takes place on the traditional flat heat press.

Step 3 – Loading the heat press  [Video :54]

Don’t forget to prepress the garment. In this case, the cape was VERY wrinkled! Any wrinkles or twists would shot up on the transfer, so don’t skip this step.

Position the transfer on the garment, then cover with a finishing sheet as you normally would. 

Next lay the flexible finishing sheet on top of regular finishing sheet. 

Step 4 – Heat Press [Video 1:25]

Press at 215 degrees for :30 seconds. The pressure setting for your Hotronix Fusion or Fusion IQ heat press should be between 6 and 8. For the cape we got best results setting it at 8. 

As always – check the box of paper for any updated instructions and test your garment’s reaction to the press!

Let the transfer completely cool. Then quick peel.

Step 5 – Finishing Step [1:48]

Finish by pressing at 215 degrees for :15. Make SURE you use both the standard finishing sheet and the flexible finishing sheet just like you did in the application step. 

Pro Tip:

Hanna R

It took trial and error to get the pressure just right. Test your material!